Victory Christian Academy is supported by parents, grandparents, Churches, and individuals who believe that quality Christian Education is essential for the next generation. Our programs are financially supported by tuition and generous donations. Your tax-deductible donations allow us to keep tuition as low as possible while at the same time enabling low-income and financially struggling families to have the option of a Christian School.

How can you help secure our financial future?

Consider coming to VCA this year and being part of a foundation group of families who desire to educate their children in light of the Gospel. This first year community is critical in setting the cultural tone of our school. 

Grass Roots Promotion

Your love for Christian Education is our best marketing strategy. Make the need known among family and friends who support Christian Education. Personally asking family and friends to donate can help us reach this goal.

To assist you, we do have a flyer available. Feel free to give it to family, friends, and your Church community.

Your tax-deductible donation will ensure that VCA can pull off a successful first year and be around for decades to come. You can mail us a check or donate only through PayPal. More info is on our donations page.

Every gift helps! If you are able to give a small amount on a monthly basis, consider setting up a recurring donation. You can set this up through the PayPal/Donate button on our donations page.