elementary staff

VCA has a wonderful staff of committed elementary teachers!  Our elementary students have access to a multitude of additional learning opportunities: a weekly Robotics class (3rd-6th), Elementary Band, Art, and sports teams through the Middle School Sports League (5th-6th) - just to name a few!  See below for Staff Bios and details on those additional learning opportunities.  


    Mrs. Julie Arendt has over 20 years of experience in education in public and private schools. Prior to joining VCA she taught 6th grade at Rincon Vally Christian.  She encourages curiosity amongst students and empowers them to develop critical thinking skills.  She is genuinely concerned about each student and is mindful of their individual needs. Mrs. Arendt holds a BA from Azusa Pacific University and Multiple Subjects Credential from Cal Poly Pomona.  


    Mrs. Sara McLeod is honored to be part of the Victory Christian Academy Family. From elementary school on, she has always loved learning, and credits that to her amazing teachers. That love of learning as a child grew into a love for teaching as an adult. Her hope is to nurture a love for God and for education in all her students, helping them become who He designed them to be. Mrs. McLeod holds a BA in Liberal Arts and Science from Sonoma State University.


    Mrs. Christie Thomson was an Early Intervention Specialist and Group therapy teacher working with children ages 0-5 with developmental delays, and taught preschool to 3 and 4 year olds prior to working at VCA. 

    She is passionate about telling students that they are loved by Jesus and that they have purpose. She hopes to develop students with Godly characteristics, and set them up for academic success while challenging them at the same time. 

    She has a BA in English Literature and an MA in TESOL, both from Sonoma State University. 


    Miss Heather Kreischer has 15 years experience in preschool and early elementary education. Prior to joining VCA she taught PK and TK at Rincon Valley Christian and she taught a 1st/2nd combo at Deep Valley Christian School. Her passion is helping students achieve their best and to get excited about learning. Miss Kreischer holds an MA and Multiple Subjects Credential from Simpson University.


    Mrs. Wendy Cunningham has a BA in Music Instruction from Azusa Pacific University. Prior to joining VCA she taught elementary band & choir and served as Vice Principal at Rincon Valley Christian School. In addition to serving as the VCA Head-Of-School, she will be directing band and choir. She is passionate about using the gift of music to the glory of God! Mrs. Cunningham has three children at VCA.


    What brought me to VCA, being part of God’s kingdom is important for me and being part of the growing of our children. 

    I have a daughter, Aracely, which means altar in the sky, in 7th grade. 

    Credential: I am a preschool teacher, financial representative, Advocate of Human Resources and I am graduating from the Hispanic Center of Theology Studies University. 

    Fun: I like to read, listen to music, taking road trips, to visit new places and to learn new things. But, my passion is to learn more about God's Word. 



Kids love to build things and take things apart. They love to figure out how things

work and are full of ideas for new creations. We're excited encourage that

inner-engineerwith a weekly robotics and engineering class!  This not only

provides an exciting, hands-on learning environment for our kids -  

it also provides margin for teachers.


    Godly character is formed on the athletic field as well as in the classroom. We're proud to announce that we have been accepted into the Middle School Sports League, which includes competition opportunities for 5th and 6th grade students.  Potential sports may include: basketball, flag football, volleyball and cross country.  For more information, see the Athletics page.  


    God has made us as creatures who love to worship. One of the great benefits of a Christian school is that we can be purposeful in shaping and directing that worship to Christ who deserves all praise. Under the leadership of Mrs. Cunningham, we will continue the legacy of elementary music instruction, including elementary band. 

  • ART

    We are committed to having art instruction at our school because we believe the fine arts are essential for the development of children. Elementary art instructions takes place regularly within the classroom.