The purpose of Kindergarten at VCA is to teach children a rich, meaningful, Christ-focused, and balanced curriculum of skills and information through age-appropriate activities that encourage children to want to learn more. We want to engage them in singing, playing, drawing, and social interaction. 

Please see below some of the ways to prepare your child for Kindergarten. 

Kindergarten age requirement for entry: age 5 on or before September 1, 2024

Heather Kreischer, Kindergarten teacher


    This checklist is only a guideline, and is not comprehensive, nor definitive. It is designed to give a parent a better understanding of what most students know when they start Kindergarten. If they start Kindergarten knowing these things, they will have a solid foundation for the start of the school year. If your child does not know all these things, it is okay, and we will teach them.  Click on the image to see the full checklist.

    For more details, see this article about the social-emotional aspects to Kindergarten readiness. 


    This daily schedule is a sample and is subject to change, and is meant to give a parent an idea of what a full day of Kindergarten might look like. Click on the image to see the full listing.


    Here are a few ways you can be preparing your child for Kindergarten at VCA. Click on the image to see the full list of suggestions.