Why they love Victory Christian Academy (VCA) for their Junior High student, and why their son LOVES going to school!

-Small class sizes

-Hands-on learning

-Safe environment

-Beautiful campus

-Athletic opportunities

-Leadership (communication, transparency, working hard for continuous improvement)

-Mission-driven to be Grounded in Christ and Ready for the World

-Caring teachers

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KYLIN DeVries - Student - Junior High

The thing I love most about this school is its community. Everyone is there to pick each other up and to encourage. One word I use to describe VCA would be unity. I choose that because as a Junior Higher, I know a lot less than High Schoolers, but they still make me feel welcomed and loved. Mrs. Marseglia is well-planned and always has an answer. Mrs. Laremore is bubbly and full of fun new ideas, and Mr. Marseglia is just flat out hilarious. Faith is integrated into every subject from science to math because the school realizes that God is in everything. This school is unique and unlike others because of how committed the faculty and teachers are to each and every student.

ashton bogue - student - high school

What I love most about our school? 

How much fun we all have together, all grades included! It feels like one big family who we can joke around and have so much fun doing anything with. 

One word to describe our school and why? 

Incredible. I think it explains every aspect of VCA: teachers, community, classes, education, sports, and school spirit.

Describe a favorite teacher and their impact. 

This is so hard to narrow it down to one, they're all amazing! For now, I'll talk about Mr. Marseglia. He's helped explain and teach me a lot about the Bible, while not judging us if we see things differently, or forcing his personal views of non-essential theology on us. He's done an awesome job making Revelation much easier to understand. Also, he's hilarious and fun to be around.

How does our school stand out? 

We are a private Christian school that's very small which helps everyone have a chance to try new things like sports or music. I hadn't played high school volleyball before this year and actually became the setter! I also learned how to play the flute for the first time. Another thing is our community, because we are all friends, and would love to welcome new classmates into our group!

How is faith integrated with learning? 

Besides the obvious of Bible class, in all of our classes, we share prayer requests and pray with our teachers before we start. We use a Biblical worldview for our English papers and how we view books, and learn about science from a Creationist point of view. 

How does our school prepare us for college and life? 

We are pushed in our education so we are able to handle the future workload and time management.

What would I tell a friend to encourage them to come?

We have SO much fun at lunch, sports, and in class with each other. Our student council also has fun events such as spirt weeks, dances, rallies, and social gatherings. We are an accepting community, and always love new people! I was homeschooled before coming here, and the transition has been great for me. Our teachers are super helpful and nice and want to see us succeed. You'll most likely be able to play any sports that we offer, and you're encouraged to try out extra curriculars that you may not have the ability to at a big school.