Born from our overarching mission statement - "Grounded in Christ. Ready for the World," VCA has expected student outcomes for those students who attend VCA.

grounded in christ

#1 Christ-Like Character

VCA students have biblically-formed character, ethics, and values. They personally understand how they bear God's image, and they are growing in their knowledge of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

#2 Integrated Biblical Worldview

VCA students have a biblical worldview and have had the opportunity to put it into practice. They can contrast it with other worldviews and know how to apply it to multiple disciplines.

#3 Servant Hearts

VCA student proactively and gladly serve those around them. They understand how they are uniquely suited to positively shape and influence their neighbors and their society.

Ready for the world

#1 Academic Readiness

VCA students have an appreciation for life-long learning and have the diligence required to be successful. Students are academically prepared to pursue their future endeavors.

#2 Relational Maturity

VCA students know how to contribute to and benefit from their immediate community. They can appreciate and interact with people who are unlike them, and they know how to respectfully relate to peers and authority.

#3 "All-of-Life" Skills

VCA students appreciate and have had exposure to many outside-the-classroom opportunities. They have had a well-rounded experience that included fine arts and athletics and know how to succeed in a variety of contexts.