How stable is this new school? 

God is at work and we are a go!  We are going to have a school in 2019-2020!  Every week that passes adds to the stability of this new endeavor.  

  • We have received our Tax ID and non-profit corporation status. 
  • We have lined up trusted, quality administrators.  
  • We are registering children now so that we can get contracts to teachers.  
  • We have a committed board that can be singular in focus.  
  • We have a site.  
  • We have active fundraising and promotion committees set up.  
  • We have a 2019-2020 Tuition Schedule published (here).
  • We have raised over $300,000.  

Much has been accomplished in a short amount of time and we wouldn’t pursue this option if we didn’t think it was possible.  We understand this concern and just want to be very up front about where we’re at.  You can trust us to tell you the truth.  Longevity, conservative fiscal planning and clear reporting are a vital part of how we intend to operate both now and in the future.  

What are the school's top priorities?  

To put it simply, Jesus is our top priority.  Above all, we desire that students know Him and love Him.  We desire for students to be shaped in His likeness and to leave an impression on the world that looks like Him.  He is what makes our school unique and necessary.  Our next priority is a top notch education from a distinctly Christian worldview.  We desire to equip children to integrate the Christian faith into every academic discipline so that they might engage meaningfully and persuasively with culture.  We are not merely training students to survive in the culture that they live in but to influence it.  For a list of our values, click here.

Where is the school going to be located?  

We have entered into an "Agreement of Principle" with Santa Rosa Bible Church.  This is the first step in the process of becoming tenants at the existing campus (cost, timeframe, etc.).  Due to the urgency of the situation, we had asked to work out the more specific details on the lease later so that we could get moving with other plans.  They graciously agreed.  The exact "footprint" of our portion is still to be worked out and we are confident enough in the partnership that we can make this announcement public.  Shoring up the campus will help us begin to work in other areas and allow for our first major kingdom partnership with a local church.  

Is tuition going to go up?  What are the fees going to be? 

No, we're reducing it!  Click HERE for a 2019-2020 Tuition Schedule.  As fellow parents, we know how difficult it is to afford Christian education.  We will be offering tuition assistance from within and we are continually learning about outside sources of funding as well.  We are simplifying and reducing fees to help with cost as well.  We don't have an Application fee this year and instead of having a per student enrollment fee, we're doing a flat $300 per family enrollment fee.  We believe that these tuition changes will make us a more competitive option and will allow more families to enroll.  Help us by getting the word out about these changes! For "Why aren't you offering a multiple child discount?" see below.   

Why aren't we offering a multiple child discount?  

Families with multiple children have a real challenge in affording Christian education.  Our board knows this on a personal level.  We believe that assistance with tuition should be given based on financial need.  Many families with multiple children are especially in need of assistance and yet, some are not.  By making all tuition assistance based on financial need we are actually able to be MORE generous towards those who need it.  If you are interested in enrolling multiple children and have a financial need, we are positioning the school to be in a better position financially to help you.   

Would many of the teachers and administrators stay?

Most of the teachers have told us that we would be their first choice.  We are regularly meeting with teachers in order to keep them updated them about our progress.  Securing quality teachers who we have come to trust is directly tied to the community’s willingness to register and give to this effort financially.  The biggest factor in retaining teachers is knowing registration numbers so we can secure as many as possible.  Prayerfully consider sending in a donation so we can secure these great teachers ASAP!  

Will there be a PSP program? 

We aren’t able to facilitate a PSP / Independent Study program at this time.  Keeping a day school (and particularly a high school) is our sole focus.  Part of the reason for this emphasis is the presence of other options for PSP families.  Many alternative models for education have been proposed but we just don’t have adequate time to thoughtfully sift through them given the time constraints that we’re under.  The other reason for this is the high value we have on Relationship and forming a close knit community as a school.  This is challenging to accomplish with only partial participation.  

Will there be sports and music?  

The short answer is, yes, there will be sports and music.  We believe that character formation takes place on the field and in the band room, not just in the classroom.  

We're committed to continuing the top-notch music and arts legacy of RVC. Band, choir, visual and performing arts will all be a part of the new school.  

We've been communicating with the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). We expect to have provisional status in May, and be granted full membership once we've demonstrated a successful launch in September. This will allow us to participate in league sports.  The specific sports offered will depend on the number and interests of students. Do you want to play basketball? We would love to cheer you on!  Grab your friends and register for next year!

How can I help get the word out?  

First, talk to others.  Talk to those who you think might be interested in enrolling their child or joining the effort.  Talk to families who attend RVC and those who don’t.  Talk to your pastors and people in your church.  Second, Like our Facebook page: Rebuild Sonoma County Christian Education and share our website ( on your Facebook account.  Third, ask people to make a financial pledge (click here).  The reality is – without the funds, nothing moves forward - so help get the word out!