Please see documents below pertaining to COVID-19 and school reopening plans.

  • VCA Reopening Plan 2020 Elementary

  • TK - 2nd Grade Cohort Reopening Plan

COVID-19 Update

*Update as of September 24, 2020


There have been a few developments over the past week that we would like to share with you.  Please take a few moments and view our update video, then look over this list for the summary of points.  THANK YOU!


Elementary Cohorts/Waiver

         TK-2nd have successfully met in their limited cohorts this month, following guidance provided by county and state.

         VCA submitted a waiver application to the county health officer last week, upon notification that our county’s case rate fell below 200 cases per 100,000 and that waivers were being reviewed in response. We are waiting to hear back from the county whether we have approval for 3rd-6th grades to come back to campus mid-October.


Current County Status/Projections for Reopening

         Sonoma County is still in the purple tier (widespread cases- we are one of the last counties in this tier), but may meet red tier criteria as early as next week. 

         Counties must maintain red tier criteria for 2 weeks before officially entering the red tier, then schools must wait another 2 weeks before they can be authorized for reopening.

         This means that, at minimum, it will be 4 weeks or more before VCA can potentially have secondary students (and 3rd-6th if we aren’t granted a waiver) back on campus.

         The county has created a link for schools to view reopening guidance by tier HERE

*If the county, at any time, has a case rate increase, this can cause us to move back to the purple tier.*

       VCA@Home - our successful answer

VCA launched VCA@Home which was one of the most successful remote learning programs offered. We continued our full curriculum within 1 week of the shelter-in-place order. 

VCA@Home gave students quality education through qualified teachers streaming virtually.  Even from home, we continued to help your students to be grounded in Christ, and ready for the world.