Introducing VCA@Home!

We have decided, during this temporary time of teaching our students at home, to give a name to this program rather than refer to it as, "remote learning" or "distance learning."  VCA staff and board have been hard at work crafting a program that allows our great teachers to continue reaching out to students and creating community in a way that is unique to VCA, so we are officially calling this program "VCA@Home." 

VCA@Home is an opportunity for us to give your students quality education through qualified teachers streaming right into your home.  While it cannot fully duplicate the learning experience that happens when we are in a classroom together or on campus, we believe this provides your students with an excellent option, customized to our school community, focused on caring for your whole child.  Even from home, we desire to continue to help your students to be grounded in Christ, and ready for the world.

Grounded in Christ. Ready for the world.


COVID-19 Update and VCA

At the beginning of April, Sonoma County's shelter-in-place order was extended through May 3rd.  In addition, Governor Newsom and State Superintendent Thurmond both issued advisories to CA schools with regard to extending remote learning through the end of the school year.  The board and administration of VCA met to discuss the requirements and implications of these orders and advisories and determined the following:

  • VCA will keep campus closed and continue its VCA@Home learning program through at least May 3rd, in accordance with the county shelter-in-place order.  If this order is extended, we will not return to campus until it is lifted.
  • In the event that the shelter-in-place order is lifted before the end of the school year, the VCA board and administration will, along with input from state and county entities, make a determination whether it is safe for students and staff to return to campus and notify the VCA community.
  • VCA advises families to prepare for the possibility that we may need to continue VCA@Home for the remainder of the school year.  Should this occur, we are already considering ways to gather together once it is safe, even just to connect socially over the summer- we miss you!

Thank you for your prayers, patience and flexibility during this remarkable time!  Keep up the great work!