June 9th - 15th

  • All-Week - Financial Aid process is available through FACTS! Click HERE to learn about financial aid!  Make sure to enroll before June 30th (before enrollment fees go up!). 
  • Monday - Began preparing VCA's main office at Santa Rosa Bible Church.  Working out logistics for office, summer staffing, vendors, etc.  Office hours are coming soon! 
  • Wednesday - Meeting with the Promotions and Fundraising Group to discuss logos, upcoming events, fundraisers, etc.  Planning social event for late June.  
  • Wednesday - Friday - Making contacts with registered families.
  • Thursday - Planning VCA's first staff meeting, Doctrinal Statement in final revision

Summary of Progress

(as of 5/28)


Interested Volunteers............ 77+

Contributions Received............$140,450

We are now able to receive donations!

Contributions Received + Remaining Pledges....$156,450

We are seeking to raise $300,000 before the beginning of school.

Our first goal of 150k has been reached! 

June 2nd - June 8th

  • Monday PM - Board meeting to discuss financial aid and enrollment process, teaching staff, school promotion. Selected school colors as Royal Blue and Gold and mascot as the Eagle.
  • Monday - Financial Aid process is available! More information here.
  • Wednesday - FACTS training session for VCA staff and board treasurer.
  • Enrollment is in progress. 

May 26th - June 1st

  • Tuesday PM - Board meeting to further discussions around teaching staff, enrollment, and the functioning of the office during summer. 
  • SRBC finalizing facilities lease agreement.
  • Received grant from "Ranco De Los Amigos" for music and fine arts program.
  • Bringing on Mrs. Beth Failor as an art teacher.
  • Continued work on FACTS student management and financial aid system. Expected completion date of June 7.

May 19th-25th

  • Monday PM - Board met to debrief the Parent meeting, update on potential staffing additions, discussion of summer office timing/approach, and a multitude of other things.  Updates given on: accreditation, CIF / MSSL Sports, enrollment process, transcript transfer, site progress with Pete Halpin, TK promotion, insurances, FACTS system updates
  • Thursday AM Chapels - Board at table to interact with parents before and after Awards Chapel (elementary/secondary)

May 14 Open Meeting Summary

We were able to report a lot of progress.  We have placed updates throughout the website.  For a summary of the meeting, pdfs of the presentation and other General Announcements, click HERE.

The May 16th meeting covered the structures of the elementary and the secondary schools:

  • Elementary School Structure (click HERE)
  • Secondary School Structure (click HERE)

May 12th-18th

  • Monday PM - Board Meeting to discuss staffing updates, site plans, and parent meeting talking points.  Updates: CIF involvement, accreditation discussions, FACTS Transition, insurances secured, the BASIC Fund / tuition assistance
  • Tuesday: publicize Parent meeting, communicate to registered families, Back to School Night/Concert
  • Wednesday PM - Communication with Teachers
  • Thursday, May 16th, 6:30pm: Parent Meeting to communicate about school structure, staff and answer specific questions.  Meeting will be at Redemption Hill Church.  Childcare will be available.  Elementary specific presentation: 6:30-7:15pm / Jr. High and High School: 7:15-8:00pm.  

May 5th-May 11th

  • Monday PM - Board Meeting to discuss interviews and staffing, site plans,  and parent meeting talking points.  Updates: Sports league involvement, received CDS number, FACTS Transition, insurances, etc.
  • Tuesday: Meeting with MSSL Sports League, Reached our 150k fundraising goal! 
  • Wednesday PM - Board Meeting to discuss staffing and upcoming parent meeting
  • Next Thursday, May 16th, 6:30pm: Parent Meeting to communicate about school structure, staff and answer specific questions.  Meeting will be at Redemption Hill Church.  Childcare will be available.  Elementary specific presentation: 6:30-7:15pm / Jr. High and High School: 7:15-8:00pm.  

April 28th-May 4th

  • Monday PM - Board Meeting to continue to work out the structure, staffing, facility usage and various other structural issues.  
  • All week: Conducting interviews with existing RVC staff for Victory Christian Academy.
  • Various Progress on: MSSL Sports league involvement, FACTS System transition, Legal requirements
  • Friday: Announced Parent Meeting to communicate about school structure, staff and answer questions specific to elementary and secondary.  Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 16th @ Redemption Hill Church, 6:30pm.  Elementary specific presentation: 6:30-7:15pm / Jr. High and High School: 7:15-8:00pm

April 21st-27th

  • Monday PM - Board Meeting to continue to work out the structure, schedule and calendar year for the new school.  Continuing to discuss facility usage details and approaches.  
  • Wednesday PM - Meet with SRBC to discuss specifics on facility usage.  
  • Wednesday PM - Finalize school name: "Victory Christian Academy!"
  • Thursday - Saturday: Work on transitioning to the new name.
  • All week: Collecting applications and resumes from prospective teachers.

April 14th - 20th

  • Monday PM - Board Meeting to look at registration numbers, discuss structure of school, discuss tuition assistance and plan communication.  
  • Wednesday PM - Board Meeting to discuss structure of the school (specifically secondary).
  • Thursday PM - Met with a few administrators to discuss new school structure.

April 7th - 13th

  • Monday PM - Board Meeting to discuss structure of school, continue promoting registration, discuss tuition assistance, and set up opportunities for parents to ask direct questions.    
  • Tuesday - Friday - Contact parents about registration and tuition assistance.  
  • Wednesday PM - Wendy and Board members available for questions at drop-off (8-9am) and pick-up (2:30-3:30/4pm)
  • Friday PM - SCCS Table present at the Broadway Musical and Dinner Event at RVC.  
  • Friday - Registration Target Date

March 31st - April 6th

  • Sunday - Received confirmation of our Tax ID and Religious, Non-Profit Corporation status!  
  • Monday PM - Board Meeting to debrief Townhall Meeting and discuss Tuition Schedule and Assistance.   
  • Tuesday - Communication regarding leading questions from Townhall, specifically that Tuition Assistance is available.  
  • Wednesday PM - Board Meeting to finalize Tuition schedule
  • Friday afternoon - Meeting with lawyer to transfer ownership of organization, understand bylaws, etc. (bank accounts possible, non-profit donations can be accepted).   

Townhall Meeting Summary

We had a great turnout at Thursday night's meeting and had to start late because we ran out of parking!  

If you missed the meeting, the main announcements and explanation can be found HERE.  

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this meeting possible.  It was a joy to be together, the whole group's enthusiasm was infectious!

March 24th-30th

  • Sunday, 4pm - Volunteer Meeting at Redemption Hill Church (mainly Fundraising/Promotion).  The group commits to pursuing alumni, handing out flyers, promoting on Facebook and much, much more! 
  • Monday PM - Board meeting to discuss Thursday Townhall, CIF Update, Accreditation update
  • Tuesday afternoon  - Met with RVC Teachers to give an update and receive input / Visit with attorney to finalize Tax ID filing, and understand bylaws and articles of incorporation. Tax ID should finalize this week.
  • Wednesday - Finalize Townhall Meeting details, Post online Registration form, Press Democrat Story
  • Thursday - Press Democrat story runs about our new Christian school forming! Click HERE to view.  
  • Thursday - Townhall Meeting, 7pm @ Redemption Hill Church (for a summary - click HERE)

March 17th-23rd

  • Contact made with: ACSI regarding accreditation and available resources, graphic designer on marketing materials, lawyer in regards to board structure, parental contacts are ongoing
  • Received EIN Number as a Non-Profit Corporation!  Close to getting bank account open.
  • Wednesday afternoon - Continued Vision and Doctrine talks
  • Wednesday PM - Executive Board meets to discuss Town Hall meeting, volunteer meeting, leadership, CIF/Sports possibilities, faculty communication
  • Friday - Communication on Town Hall meeting location, Volunteer Meeting - Fundraising/Promotion
  • Saturday AM - Portion of board meets to discuss leadership.
  • Sunday, 4pm - Volunteer Meeting at Redemption Hill Church (mainly Fundraising/Promotion)

We've got a campus! 

The elders of Santa Rosa Bible Church announced on March 13: 

   "At a meeting of the Board of Elders on March 12, 2019, the   

   members approved an “Agreement in Principle” for Santa

   Rosa Bible Church to provide facilities use for a new Christian

   school as presented in a proposal submitted from the

   leadership of Sonoma County Christian Education (SCCEA), 

   Inc beginning this fall.  We are encouraged by the efforts to

   provide a Christian education option for Sonoma County  

   families.  We will be praying and cheering for this group as it  

   takes up this mantle in our community."

We rejoice in this development and thank God for answering our prayers!  We look forward to a fruitful relationship with SRBC in these kingdom efforts!  

March 10th-16th

  • Monday PM  - Met with the Executive Board to discuss possible announcement and communication.  Following up on accreditation questions / timeline.
  • Tuesday PM - SRBC Bible Church Elders met
  • Prepped a few volunteers for personal phone contact with parents before Spring Break.  
  • Wednesday AM - SRBC Elders announce the acceptance of our "Agreement in Principle" proposal! 
  • Wednesday PM - Executive Board meets for dinner meeting to discuss leadership and need for eventual town hall meeting. All group email, website and Facebook communication included. 
  • Formed subcommittees according to volunteers skills and willingness
  • Outlined survey answers in regards to what makes RVC desirable, new startup attractive and questions/concerns that parents have
  • Friday - plan to make as much phone contact with parents as possible before Spring Break begins

March 3rd-9th

  • Volunteer Update Email went out - if you'd like to join this list, email christianschool@sonic.net
  • On Monday, followed up on facility proposal and had active discussions to land a site for the school.
  • Executive Board met on Tuesday night to debrief site talks, plan for fundraising campaign (encourage pledges of all sizes), draft communications and discuss possible directions.  
  • Passed the 5,000 visits mark for our website!  
  • Explored CIF requirements and made some contacts with CIF officials.
  • Updated website and FAQs.
  • Tentative plans for direct personal communication and larger communication / all-parent meeting started (stay tuned for announcement)

February 24th-March 2nd

  • Executive Board met for discussion on Saturday AM with a few potential future administrators.
  • Non-Profit Corporation paperwork is filed through reputable attorney.  
  • Putting together a proposal for the use of the existing SRBC campus with various "campus plans".
  • Executive Board met Wed PM to finalize facility proposal and meeting with RVC teachers and staff.  
  • Met with current RVC faculty on Thursday afternoon to share progress and answer questions.  
  • Revisions to Doctrinal Statement being made this week. 
  • Consolidated various contact lists to improve communication.  

February 17th-23rd

  • Massive Website traffic over the weekend!  See above.
  • SRBC Elder Board meets Tuesday evening.
  • Sonoma County Christian School Executive Board meets on Wednesday evening.  
  • Emphasis on Pledges, Financial Viability / Budget Discussions begin

February 10th-16th

  • Executive Board meets on Wednesday to discuss our priorities in establishing a day school. 
  • New website up!  sccschool.org
  • Christian School Fair - get the word (and roses) out
  • Email communication to the respondents to christianschool@sonic.net
  • Meet with a respected lawyer on 501c3 status to understand timelines, initial costs and ways to set up initial funding.  

February 3rd-9th

  • The list of potential board members are contacted about a meeting on February 6th. 
  • A draft of the initial set of Values that will mark the new entity is made (in Starbucks of course).  
  • An email address is set up (christianschool@sonic.net) to facilitate communication. 
  • A forward-looking meeting is held on February 6th to discuss the possibility of a new school, around 20 are in attendance and are there for a long time.  A survey is crafted to get a sense of how many parents are interested in reenrolling.  Many more items are discussed: 501c3 status, parent meeting, fundraising, etc.  Another meeting is clearly needed.
  • A few of the initial parents discuss the need for a smaller "executive" board along with several subcommittees to utilize willing parents.  An executive board is chosen (see About Us).  The board is intentionally made up of people from different churches, backgrounds and skill sets.  There is a desire for pastors, parents of students, parents who's children are soon to graduate/already graduated.  
  • Word is getting out that there is a group interested in establishing a school.  More are invited to join a second meeting.  
  • A staggering amount of emails are written...

January 31st - February 2nd

  • January 31st - Announcement is made that the school is closing at the end of the school year.  After the announcement there is already discussion about the possibility of a new school.  
  • February 2nd - A handful of parents gather to discuss the possibility of a new school and the need to appoint an executive board that is led by parents so that staff can focus on the well being of the students.  An organized parent, clipboard in hand, brings a projected timeline needed to start a new school.  Trusted leaders of the school provide possible names of board members who have a proven commitment to the school.