Secondary Structure (JH/HS)

We are one of the few remaining Christian High School options in Sonoma County.  We count it a privilege to serve the larger community in this way.  God has been working!  We have 40 students registered for 7th through 11th, and with 14 students in 6th grade we expect some excellent growth the following year.  

We are still finalizing a few positions, but so far we have engaged Mr. Tony Marseglia, Mrs. Lisa Marseglia, Mrs. Sara Viss, Mrs. Beth Failor, and Mrs. Wendy Cunningham (see below). We hope to be able to announce who will be teaching which classes after a few more individuals are finalized.

  • tony marseglia

  • sara viss

  • lisa marseglia

  • wendy cunningham

  • Beth Failor

  • TBD

    We're still finalizing a few positions. Stay tuned...

Current Numbers & Teachers

We have 40 students registered for 7th through 11th, and with 14 students in 6th grade we expect some excellent growth the following year.  Upon the announcement of Rincon Valley's closure, many of the Junior class ramped up their schedules to graduate early.  As a result, we will be offering 9th-11th grade in 2019/2020.  We anticipate growth over the summer as the word spreads that there will be a Christian education option for high schoolers in Sonoma County.  

Special Secondary Options

We will offer Foreign Languages through Sevenstar Academy. This includes Spanish, French, German, Latin, Mandarin, and others. A teacher will track and ensure progress.

Math classes through Algebra 1 will be offered in a conventional classroom.  Geometry and onward will be offered through Sevenstar with an in-lab math teacher to provide individualized help as needed. This allows advanced students to progress quickly.

Zero-period tutor volunteers with PhD-level expertise will be available to assist students of all levels.  Classes are scheduled to allow flexibility for JC classes for upper years.

All-of-Life Learning Opportunities

Students are shaped by every environment that they are in.  Below are a few updates on the extracurricular offerings of Victory Christian Academy.  

  • music & Band

    We will continue to have full band and choir offerings for the secondary levels. Santa Rosa Bible Church has graciously included in our lease access to the music room, instruments, music stands, risers, and everything else needed for a great music program.

  • Athletics

    We are submitting for provisional status with CIF. Our expected 2019/2020 High School sports are:

    • Fall: Cross country and girls volleyball
    • Winter: Boys and girls basketball
    • Spring: Tennis and track

    We've also been accepted into the Middle School Sports League.  Potential sports would be: volleyball, track, flag football, basketball (boys/girls)