Elementary Structure

God has been at work in the formation of our elementary program.  We have 51 students registered for elementary.  We are also expanding our elementary STEM program with weekly classes like 3rd-6th Robotics!  (see below).  This is a great start for a new school and allows us to initially hire three teachers (see below).  


    Mrs. Patti Fletcher has 16 years experience teaching in Christian Schools. For the last 12 years she has been the kindergarten teacher at Rincon Valley Christian. Mrs. Fletcher demonstrates a care and warmth that helps children look forward to coming to school and her experience and creativity will help bring out the best in our youngest students.  

  • martha hazelrigg - middle elementary

    Mrs. Martha Hazelrigg has over 35 years of experience in education, both teaching and administering. For the last 7 years she has taught 5th grade at Rincon Valley Christian and has earned the respect of her peers.  She is a dynamic and veteran teacher who's love for the Lord really shines through in all that she does.  

  • julie arendt - upper elementary

    Mrs. Julie Arendt has 20 years of experience in education in public and private schools. For the last 5 years she has taught 6th grade at Rincon Vally Christian.  She encourages curiosity amongst students and empowers them to develop critical thinking skills.  She is genuinely concerned about each student and is mindful of their individual needs.  

Current Numbers & Teachers

Our teachers will be working together to provide differentiated learning, where kids are grouped together based on skills and abilities so that each student is properly challenged.  Our teachers have 67 years of teaching experience between them so we are confident that they will be able to maximize these learning environments!

As you can tell, we are only a few more students away from being able to add another teacher.  We are committed to keeping our financial viability tied to our enrollment, so please join us in prayer for more students!

3rd-6th Grade Robotics

Kids love to build things and take things apart. They love to figure out how things work and are full of ideas for new creations. We're excited to announce that we're going to encourage that inner-engineer with a weekly robotics and engineering class!  This will not only provide an exciting, hands-on learning environment for our kids -  it will also provide margin for teachers.

This demonstrates our value for All-of-Life learning, for other updates on extra-curriculars, see below!

  • athletics

    Godly character is formed on the athletic field as well as in the classroom. We're proud to announce that we have been accepted into the Middle School Sports League, which includes competition opportunities for 5th and 6th grade students.  Potential sports may include: basketball, flag football, volleyball and cross country. 

  • music / band

    God has made us as creatures who love to worship. One of the great benefits of a Christian school is that we can be purposeful in shaping and directing that worship to Christ who deserves all praise. Under the leadership of Mrs. Cunningham, we will continue the legacy of elementary music instruction, including elementary band.

  • art

    We are committed to having some form of art instruction at our school because we believe the fine arts are essential for the development of children. We're still working out the details. Stay tuned!